General Questions

  • The date I would like to book is unavailable

    There are a few reasons why a date might be showing unavailable.

    If you are trying to book a date that is a few months away, please note that the booking window is 10 weeks in advance.  Dates further out than 10 weeks will open up as we get closer so check back then!

    It may also be either sold out or the hotel has blocked out that day for day guests because the hotel is at capacity.  There is a small chance it could open but it is best to book another available option or hotel.  We are also building a waitlist feature

  • I signed up on a waitlist. What's next?

    If a hotel is showing unavailable for a day that you would like to book, this could be for a couple reasons.  It is either sold out, blocked out, or not open to book yet.  If it is a weekend or peak time, the highest likelihood is that the hotel is not offering spots to day guests on that day.  It is recommended to book another option or an available hotel!

    We are developing our Waitlist feature to give you more information and updates on the availability of your desired date but in the meantime, we try to respond to waitlist requests but may not get to all of them.

    It is best to check back on our site to see if your date opens up or book another available option for that day!

  • How far in advance can I book?

    The booking window is 10 weeks in advance so dates will open up as we get closer to your desired date.  Check back again as your date gets closer to book!
















  • Can I bring my own food and drink items to the hotel?

    Bringing outside food and beverage including coolers is not permitted.  The only exception is a birthday cake if you are celebrating a birthday in a Cabana.  








  • Are towels provided at the hotel?

    Yes, towels are provided at the pool area!

  • I tagged a post on social media. Can I get my 10% discount code?

    That's awesome, thank you for tagging us!  Please email with a screenshot of your post and we will get you the coupon code right away!

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Manage your Booking

  • Cancel your Booking

    Our Cancellation Policy

    For Day Passes and Spa Passes, you may cancel or change your date at any time up until 10am on the day of your booking for either a full refund back to your credit card or ResortPass Credit to use another day. 

    For Cabanas/Daybeds, it is recommended to cancel the day before your booked date as same-day cabana cancellations may be non-refundable.  

    Bookings are non-refundable after 10am on the day of your booking.  Bookings made after 10am on the same day are non-refundable. 

    Please note:  Certain hotels may have stricter cancellation policies and do not allow same-day cancellations.  

    Cancelling before your Booked Date
    Up until the night before your booked date, you can cancel yourself by going to My Account, click View next to the booking, and then click Cancel Booking.  You will receive ResortPass Credit that can be used towards another booking on our site at any time.  The credit will automatically be applied at checkout when you book again.  If you wish to receive a refund back to your credit card, please contact us at and we will do that for you.

    Cancelling on the day of your Booked Date
    If you would like to cancel on the same day of your booking due to weather or other reasons, please email us at with your Booking ID.  We must receive the request before 10am.  We will process your cancellation for a full refund back to your credit card within a couple of hours.  While we are flexible with same-day cancellations, please note that some hotels have strict same-day cancellation policies so a refund is not 100% guaranteed.  If you would like ResortPass Credit to use at another time, let us know and we can do that as well.  You will get a confirmation email as soon as your booking is cancelled and refunded.  Credit card refunds take 5-10 business days to process.  

    If you would like to change your date instead of cancelling, please contact us and we can change the date of your booking!


  • Change your Date

    If you would like to change your date, please email with your Booking ID and the date you would like to go instead and we will change it for you.  You will get an email confirmation for the new date. 




  • Can I cancel if the weather is bad on the day of my booking?

    Absolutely!  It's no fun if it's rainy or cold.  You can cancel for a full refund, cancel for credit, or change your date up until 10am on the day of your booking.  Click here for how to cancel on the morning of your booking. 

    If you would like to cancel due to weather, you must notify us prior to 10am on the day of your booking.  Bookings are non-refundable after the date of your booking.  


  • I did not receive an email confirmation for my booking

    If you did not receive an email confirmation for your recent booking, please check your Spam folder.  If you still do not see the email, please contact us at with your correct email address and we will resend. 

    There may have been a typo in your email address when you registered on our website or if you registered through Facebook or Google, there may be an old email account on file.  

  • Changing or Adding Guest Names

    To edit or add guest names, login to your account and click View next to the booking.  You will see all your booking details and a button for "Edit Guest Names".  Click that and you can edit the guest names!











  • Can I change my reservation to a different hotel?

    Yes, you may change your reservation to a different hotel.  We will just need to cancel your existing booking for a full refund and then you can make a new booking at another hotel.

    To cancel your existing reservation, please email with your Booking ID and it will be processed within a couple of hours.  

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